A Crowdfunding Website Evaluation

UX Evaluation and Recommendations


In the context of the UX Evaluation course at HEC Montreal, the student consultants conducted a usability evaluation and provided a set of recommendations to improve the user experience (UX) of a newly updated page of the website called rewards webpage. The project is for an international crowdfunding platform where the majority of projects get funded. Their mission is to support creators throughout this process by helping them make their ideas a reality, co-create with their communities, spread the word about their projects and make them grow. What is crowdfunding? It’s the act of raising money from a large number of people who each contribute a relatively small amount and will get (optionally) a reward in exchange. Essentially, rewards are a sign of gratitude to donors. As part of creating a project on the website, creators use the rewards web page to define what people will receive in exchange for their contribution. Except for vouchers, creators can create a variety of rewards. They must also define how rewards will be delivered. This is called delivery.

Evaluation Scope

Goals and Objectives

1. Evaluate if the UI correctly onboards new users to define and create their rewards

2. Evaluate if the distinction between rewards and delivery is understood by the user

3. Evaluate if the user will create its rewards first or its delivery settings, and why?

Test Procedure


Usefulness, Efficiency, Effectiveness and Satisfaction

Usefulness is defined as the “degree to which a product enables a user to achieve his or her goals”. It was measured through the web pages’ perceived ease of use by participants.

efficiency was measured as the average time to perform a task and assessed based on issues observed during performance of the tasks.

effectiveness was measured as the percentage of tasks successfully completed.

Satisfaction was measured by the "Think Out Loud" comments shared during task scenarios and the post-study questionnaire.

Tasks and Results

Two scenarios designed to be tested with 12 participants.

1- Sign In 11/12 (91.6%) 1 00:32
2- Find Project 9/12 (75%) 3 00:30
3- Find Rewards 12/12 (100%) 0 00:08
4- Use Feature 12/12 (100%) 0 -
4- Sign Out 12/12 (100%) 0 00:08

Post-Test Survey

1: Using System Usability Scale (SUS), represents how usable and learnable a website is, the score showed the website is oing OK, but still there is room for improvement.

2: Some questions after the SUS questions were asked to answer the second goal of the study.

The difference between Rewards and Delivery

67% Agreed the difference between Rewards and Delivery is clear.

he difference between Global Delivery and Custom Delivery

66% were neutral about the difference between Global Delivery and Custom Delivery or they were completely disagree that the difference was clear enough.

Final Overview

The Good

User Friendly


Cool Platform

Could be better

User Effort



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